It’s time to gain a new perspective on customer experience by thinking about Service Journeys! Every day, your customers interact with your brand, and more than half of these interactions span across channels forming service journeys. These service journeys shape opinion, determining things like loyalty and future purchase intent. COPC Inc. helps brands improve the customer experience by identifying and applying operational improvement strategies to the most common service journeys a customer can have with your brand.

Understanding Service Journey ThinkingSM

Service Journey ThinkingSM is a comprehensive approach for improving the experience customers have along the service journey. It considers the service journey not only from the customer’s perspective, but it also examines the components that support the experience, including people, technology, processes and policies. By applying Service Journey Thinking, COPC Inc. helps brands promote greater efficiency, improved performance and reduced cost within their operations. For customers, this means reduced effort, improved satisfaction and enhanced loyalty.

Learn how to improve the service journey

COPC Inc. can help identify and apply operational improvement strategies to your service journeys to improve customer experience. Read more about our entire service journey program.

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Applying Service Journey Thinking

Service Journey Thinking is particularly well-suited for:

  • Optimizing channel transitions, including improved consistency and knowledge-share
  • Simplifying transaction complexity and reducing unnecessary steps
  • Identifying process gaps and root cause of dissatisfiers
  • Improving performance-monitoring activities
  • Developing improved customer care processes and policies

Ready to transform how your brand interacts with your customers?
COPC Inc. will put your brand on the path to improvement with these services.

  • Service Journey Blueprinting: Map out key service journey scenarios to understand how each touchpoint is supported internally, learn how backstage activities link to frontstage actions, and understand how all the touchpoints join together to form the service journey.
  • Frontstage Transformation: Assess critical customer-facing components including website, mobile applications, contact center, chatbot, webchat and in-person interactions.
  • Backstage Transformation: Assess supporting functions, technologies, processes and policies such as fulfillment, application processing, field service, authorizations, issue escalation, and third-party validations.
  • Service Journey Strategy Consulting: Develop operational improvements for customer care channels regarding organizational activities and functions such as routing strategies, staffing practices, content and data management, technologies, KPI design and collection, and measurement.
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