Customer experience


Get your work-at-home agents up and running now. During this time of crisis, our team of CX operations experts will deliver prompt and practical solutions that enable your contact center operations to quickly pivot to a Work-At-Home environment.

COPC Inc. Work-At-Home Consulting Services

For companies in need of fast, turnkey-solutions, COPC Inc. provides guidance and expertise in designing, deploying and managing your Work-At-Home program. Or, if your company already has an existing Work-At-Home program but is looking to increase performance and efficiency, we can provide a detailed review and optimization support.

For New Work-At-Home Programs


  • Framework and process development
  • Resource allocation
  • Expert guidance on agent tools and program enabling technology


  • Rapid deployment of agent teams and team management
  • Training programs
  • Quality assurance and workforce management


  • Program performance monitoring
  • Coaching
  • Calibration
  • Performance improvement

For Existing Work-At-Home Programs


  • Validation of program design, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Review of capacity, quality and the customer experience


  • Review of:
    • Agent performance
    • Management capability
    • Quality Metrics
    • Support function effectiveness
  • Delivery of performance improvement recommendations based on the above reviews.