CX Consulting


Once your CX consulting program is complete, COPC Inc. provides various ways to ensure your CX team knows how to implement continuous improvement.

Professional Training & Accreditation

We offer an extensive training program and skill recognition for CX professionals. Our live virtual or in-person classes cover specific topics such as Six Sigma and quality, to overall CX management training.

Operational Guides & Playbooks

Every CX consulting engagement includes specifically designed operational guides and playbooks for your CX team to use both during and after program implementation.

Program Certification

The ultimate recognition of your high-performing CX team is COPC Inc. certification. Organizations are certified to the COPC CX Standard, a performance management system used worldwide that provides guidelines and best practices for managing and improving CX operations.

Ongoing support

Structured support to monitor and advise on performance management of new initiatives, processes, and relationships for each program and leader.