Reimagine your Quality Program

If your quality program is not aligned with the customer experience or is not driving improvements in performance, you aren’t alone. However, you shouldn’t have to accept it. Your quality program should be one of the most valuable processes in your customer experience operation. However, we often find that companies are “going through the motions” of managing quality, but are getting little value from this activity.

Through our work with clients for over 20 years, we have developed and perfected a quality approach that not only delivers results in increased customer satisfaction, higher sales and lower costs, but also provides valuable insights to all parts of the organization.

Common Quality Pitfalls We Help Solve:
  • Ineffective quality forms that aren’t focused on the items that matter most
  • Quality scores that are not aligned with customer satisfaction results
  • Metrics that don’t provide an accurate measure of performance
  • Data integrity issues due to poor sampling methodologies and calibration processes
  • No visibility into root cause of issues impacting performance at the business and agent level

Quality Management Services

  • Quality Benchmark Review (BMR) – Typically our first step to helping you reimagine your quality program is to conduct a thorough evaluation of your quality process and results. We will tell you how your quality program compares to best practices and give you detailed recommendations specific to your operation to ensure your program is designed to deliver results.
  • Quality Program Redesign– From the results of the Quality Benchmark Review, we can work with your team to redesign all or parts of your quality program.
  • Quality Program Implementation – If you need assistance in implementing your new quality program from the design phase, we can either lead that effort or work directly with your team to ensure it is implemented quickly and effectively.

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Benefits of working with COPC Inc. for your quality management: 

  • Improved Issue Resolution
    Make better use of information about the customer experience to improve your ability to resolve your customer issues the first time.
  • Higher Sales and Revenue
    Capture key business intelligence from your customer’s perspective to quantify the effectiveness of the sales process.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
    Link the quality process to key drivers of customer satisfaction so that operational improvements result in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Lower Costs
    Focus on key business drivers that drive costs in CX operations to identify high-impact opportunities that will increase efficiency, improve performance, and reduce costs.