CX Consulting


Based on the findings of our assessment, COPC Inc. will implement targeted recommendations so your CX team can deliver meaningful customer experiences and successful business outcomes.

Performance Improvement

We develop an improvement program that addresses the root causes of your CX issues, including a roadmap for key implementation and key metrics to meet a service level agreement or key performance indicator.

Channel Optimization

We provide guidance and support to more effectively utilize and integrate existing customer contact channels to achieve a specific objective, such as selling a product or service or delivering a customer interaction. We also prepare your team to add new technologies to meet changing customer requirements.

Service Blueprints

We create visual diagrams showing how your company’s back-stage operational processes affects the customer’s front-stage interactions with your company. Creating blueprints for key customer service interactions allows your CX team to uncover and resolve root causes affecting the customer experience.

Strategic Outsourcing

We work with your CX team to find, select, negotiate, contract with and manage outsourced CX service providers for some or all of your CX operations. Our work helps improve your vendor performance and lower your operational costs.