Vendor Management

Vendor Improvement

Improve the performance of your VMO program management and your third-party providers of customer experience (CX) services.
Leading telecommunicatoins provider in the US Case Study

VMO Improves Performance by aligning Internal and Outsourced Contact Centers and achieves a $53 Million ROI

Groupon had more than 17 contact center suppliers across 20 sites, creating a management and cost issue, along with a lack of consistency in performance, metrics, processes, and technology. Through its work with COPC Inc., the company consolidated its outsourced customer service supplier base and implemented a more structured approach for supplier management. Read the case study to learn how Groupon saved millions in costs, reduced risks, and provided a more consistent customer experience.

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COPC Best Practices For Customer Experience (CX) Operations

Vendor Improvement

To effectively manage your network of outsourced service providers (OSPs) that provide your CX services, you must have a robust vendor management (VMO) program. You are entrusting others to deliver a superior and consistent customer experience to your customers. It is critical to choose the right partners and ensure that each vendor is operating at a high level of performance.


  • Conduct a gap analysis of your operation compared to high-performing organizations
  • Provide a prioritized list of actionable recommendations.


  • Implement high ROI activities to close the gaps and improve performance.
  • Work side-by-side with you to implement the right solution and transfer knowledge


  • Sustainable performance improvement in customer satisfaction, service, quality, cost, and revenue
  • Verified results that generate a substantial ROI