If you have suppliers that handle interactions with your customers, you know how important it is to ensure they are managed well to deliver the level of service your customers expect.  This means your vendor management organization (VMO) must be designed and structured in such a way that:

  • Eliminates poor vendor performance, improving customer satisfaction results
  • Ensures clear roles and responsibilities are defined within the VMO
  • Provides more structure and higher performance in key processes in which the VMO may have a critical role such as workforce management, training materials, quality, payment to vendors and more
  • Reduces costs with more efficient processes and employee retention

COPC Inc. has been working with global organizations since 2002 to design and implement VMO design  and support processes that have been proven to accomplish these goals.

COPC Inc. VMO Design Consulting Services

We work hand-in-hand with you to understand your business model and objectives, specifically the responsibilities of your VMO versus those of your vendors.  This includes:

  • Assessing your VMO capabilities, such as bandwidth, skills and processes
  • Designing an organization that supports your business model
  • Documenting the roles and responsibilities of each VMO position
  • Developing any required training to support the change
  • Leading or supporting change management within your organization

All of our VMO consulting services are based on best practices and a structured approach found in the COPC CX Standard for VMOs, developed since 2002.  This Standard can be downloaded for free here.

At the end of your engagement with us, you can be assured your VMO is structured in such a way that not only operates efficiently, but has the processes, metrics and staff in place to deliver the results your company and your customers expect.

Service Experts Improve Performance by Contract Restructuring

Service Experts believed they were trapped in a contract where they had no negotiating leverage. COPC conducted a contract review, which led to contract negotiation assistance. This resulted in a savings of $2.1 million per year.

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In addition to our VMO design services, we also offer training specifically for VMOs, COPC Best Practices for VMOs.

Private training is also available any time.

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The 24% annual savings ($2.1 million) that COPC Inc. found for us far exceeded our expectations. Not only were we able to reduce our costs, but we now have a performance-based model, designed to drive high levels of service for our customers.”

Otis Hayes,
VP Operations