COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers – Yellow Belt Training

COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers — Yellow Belt Training is a foundational course that teaches you how to use Six Sigma tools to improve service, quality, and revenue, while reducing cost within your CX operations. Our training focuses on adapting the Lean Six Sigma approach to the unique challenges faced in contact centers and CX operations. This course places particular emphasis on the Define, Measure and Analyze phases of DMAIC, unlocking new skillsets for achieving sustainable improvements.

Individual Training
For those who want to advance their skills or organizations that need training for a small group.
Public Course Schedule
  • Why Lean Six Sigma is critical to contact centers and the CX industry
  • How to use Lean Sigma for more than projects
  • Common misconceptions regarding performance and how to improve performance in CX operations
  • Why you haven’t been able to solve that one seemingly unsolvable challenge your organization has faced for months
  • How to set targets for your key processes
  • Qualitative and quantitative tools to help define your problem more precisely and uncover root causes
  • How to analyze and interpret data
  • How to prioritize which processes or KPIs to focus your continuous improvement efforts on
  • How to really know if you have a good process
  • How to get to the true root cause of your performance challenges
  • How to present your findings to stakeholders in the most effective way
  • Best practices for creating, interpreting, and using a variety of Lean Six Sigma tools, including but not limited to Run Charts, Histograms, CPK Charts, Pareto Charts and Scatter Plots

This training is a combination of lectures, discussion, and hands-on analysis exercises with daily reviews. Six Sigma statistical software and other resources will be provided. After successful completion of this class and upon passing an exam, you will become COPC Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified.