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Using the COPC CX Standard for CSPs

The COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard for Customer Service Providers (CSPs) is the industry’s most well-known and respected Standard for call center and customer experience operations. The Standard was initially developed in 1996 for call center operations and has been used by thousands of companies throughout the world.  Since then, the Standard has continued to evolve to address the changing needs of our dynamic industry, including those of emerging channels such as mobile, social media and web applications.

How you can benefit by using the COPC CX Standard: 
  • Continually improve the customer experience across the entire journey
  • Ensure processes, metrics and targets are consistently implemented
  • Effectively collect, understand and incorporate customer feedback
  • Leverage best practices that are consistently updated in the Standard

The COPC CX Standard for CSPs is appropriate for any type of internal customer experience operation including customer service, technical support, fulfillment, credit card processing, field services, e-commerce, and transaction processing operations. The Standard is available free of charge.

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Get Trained on Best Practices Found in the COPC CX Standard

Based on the principles of the COPC CX Standard, our leading training worldwide is COPC® Best Practices for CX Operations. This course is an in-depth program for improving operational performance. Training is beneficial for organizations servicing customers through a single channel such as those handled in a call center, or for those working across multiple channels. This training is offered publicly throughout the world or can be taught on-site at your facility.

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Certify Your Organization to the CX Standard

Join other leading brands when you earn COPC certification. Certification provides industry-recognized validation that your organization has consistently met high performance levels in managing customer satisfaction, revenue, service, quality, and costs. Find out more about the benefits of certification and how to certify your organization to the COPC CX Standard.

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