For Customer Experience Management

COPC Inc. has published  the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, Release 6.0, a performance management system to improve operations that support the customer experience. This Standard is based on the COPC Customer Service Providers (CSPs) Standard, Release 5.2, but has been expanded and enhanced to apply these proven best practices to the entire customer journey.

The COPC CX Standard, Release 6.0 is available today in two versions,
for Customer Service Providers (CSPs) and for Outsource Service Providers (OSPs):

Coming soon: COPC CX Standard for Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs)

Key Features of the COPC CX Standard, Release 6.0

  • Expands proven contact center guidelines to address all key customer
    touchpoints, including those delivered digitally
  • Provides measurements and processes for managing multichannel
    customer experience operations
  • Offers flexibility so the Standard can be tailored to any type
    of customer service environment from retail to web
  • Maintains focus on the four key areas of leadership and planning, processes,
    people, and performance to drive operational excellence
  • Introduces specific guidelines and measurements for both “assisted” (live agent) and “unassisted” (digital) channels

Training to the COPC CX Standard

COPC Inc. offers training to the COPC CX Standard in locations throughout the world. See Class Registration for specific class listings. Stay connected to COPC through our blogLinkedIn and Twitter accounts for more information.

Contact us to learn more about how to certify your organization to the COPC CX Standard.