Executive Strategies to Elevate

Performance Management & Coaching Effectiveness

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June 27 | 11 am US CDT


Are you ready to take your contact center or CX operation to new heights of success? Look no further than the frontline managers who hold the key to driving employee engagement, retention and exceptional customer experiences. In today's rapidly evolving landscape of customer support, senior leaders are finding that traditional approaches do not cut it anymore. It's time for a fresh perspective on coaching and performance management that aligns with the demands of remote staff, heightened expectations, advanced technology, complex transactions and retention challenges.

Join our research-based webinar, where experts will lead you through real-world examples and best practices to tackle current industry challenges and changes. We will unveil innovative strategies that empower leaders to create a high-performance culture, foster continuous improvement and boost employee engagement like never before.ย 

Whether your staff is remote, on-site, or a mix of both, this power-packed session will provide knowledge on:ย 
  • Strategies to enable results-driven coaching conversations: Maximize your frontline managersโ€™ ability to communicate with staff, address performance gaps, and inspire lasting improvement.
  • Increasing agent commitment: Improve retention and performance by helping agents better self-manage their own performance and development.
  • Measuring feedback effectiveness: Explore cutting-edge techniques for quantifying the impact of coaching efforts on overall results.
  • Creating a high-performance culture: Equip your frontline managers with the tools and techniques to foster a motivated and engaged team.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your organization. Unlock the secrets to coaching and performance management success!