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Express International Inc. Invests in Employees to Elevate Customer Service

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Written By:

Karen Colvin

April 19, 2022

WINTER PARK, Fla. April 15, 2022— COPC Inc. commends the effort of Express International Inc. to improve customer service. Twenty director and supervisor-level Express International employees completed COPC® Contact Center Management training.   

The individual-level COPC Contact Center Management training improves customer experience operations based on theCOPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard the industry’s most highly recognized performance management system.   

As one of Guyana’s leading business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, Express International realizes the value of COPC Inc.’s training and certification. Express International’s pledge to develop its employees and brand through COPC Inc. training shows a commitment to achieving operational excellence. 

Express International aspires to become the first-ever BPO center in Guyana to receive organizational-level COPC certification. CEO of Express International, Ken Deocharran, stated that an additional 20 employees would complete COPC Inc. training this year. 

The move was a pivotal stepping-stone in building a strong brand through people-first leadership and development,” said Deocharran. He believes that investing in employees is the surest way to deliver exceptional performance to clients, aid in growth and create more jobs in Guyana. 

COPC Inc. Vice President for North America, James Cammareri, congratulates the graduates and believes in Express International’s potential to be the first-ever BPO center in Guyana to receive its organizational level certification.  

Employee certification is an essential first step for Express International. Individual leadership certifications advance the organizations’ accreditation process,” said Cammareri.  

For more than 25 years, COPC Inc. has helped transform operations supporting customer experience. Organizations worldwide depend on COPC Inc. for expert advice around best practices in CX operations through consulting, training and certification. 

COPC Inc. conducts industry-leading research that informs planning and development strategies. Resources around timely issues affecting contact centers and customer experience are available in our Global Benchmarking Series 2022. 

About Express International Inc. 

Express International Inc. was established in Georgetown, Guyana, in 2013 to expand the interests of its parent company, Express Trucking and Courier Inc., a well-established ground freight carrier operating out of New York. Express International’s growth into business process outsourcing (BPO) services stems from its success in offshoring its entire back and front office groups to serve some of the largest transportation brands in North America. The company’s highly trained labor force meets the needs of its niche in the transportation industry and allows Express International to diversify services spanning four countries.

About COPC Inc.

COPC Inc. provides consulting, training, certification and research solutions for operations that support the customer experience. The company created the COPC Standards, a collection of performance management systems for call center operations, customer experience management, vendor management, and procurement.  

Founded in 1996, COPC Inc. began by helping call centers improve their performance. Today, the company is an innovative global leader that empowers organizations to optimize operations to deliver a superior service journey. COPC Inc. headquarters are in Winter Park, FL, U.S., with operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan.