Since 2015, COPC Inc. and Execs In The Know have published annual research findings about the customer experience in the United States.  This research, known as the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series, features two surveys per year — one focused on findings from consumers and the other based on insights from companies. Each version includes an executive summary along with a full report. 

The Consumer Edition

This year’s Consumer Edition, CX Customer Journey Insights: Understanding Consumer Experiences and Opinions, is based on extensive surveying of more than 30,000 consumers in the United States and covers a broad range of customer experience-related topics. While this year’s report continues to expand on many preexisting data points, this year’s report features several new questions on topics such as dissatisfiers and contact avoidance. This year’s report also includes a new solution in Chatbot, which is classified as an Interactive Care solution for the purposes of this research.

Key Survey Insights:
  • Phone slipped to its lowest level of usage in eight years worth’ of CXMB Series data in 2019, with only 60% of respondents indicating they had used the solution (one or more times) to resolve an issue in the past 12 months (page 8).
  • Consumer preference for the Traditional Care channel took a significant drop year-over-year, falling from 55% preference to only 44% — the steepest decline since 2015-2016 (page 36).
  • Customer satisfaction with the multichannel experience reached an all-time low, with just 38% indicating a satisfactory experience in 2019, down from 57% in 2018 (page 17).

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