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The call center is the window into the customer experience.


A company’s call center is the heartbeat of an organization, and is the best listening post to understand first-hand what customers are experiencing with your brand. When a customer reaches your center, you have a unique opportunity to either turn a bad experience into a good one, or deliver such a great experience that they become advocates of your brand. We are in call centers every week, and understand the complexities and importance of managing your operation. We can help you navigate challenges, prioritize actions with the greatest impact, and help with implementation. By applying call center best practices, we ensure your team has the skills and knowledge to sustain high levels of performance.
COPC Best Practices For Customer Experience (CX) Operations

COPC® Best Practices for CX Operations

Take our flagship training for customer experience management. This class is beneficial for organizations serving customers through a single channel such as a call center, or for those organizations working across multiple channels. Our four-day training is offered throughout the world or can be taught on-site at your facility.
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