COPC® High-Performance Management Techniques Training

Supercharge your frontline management
with powerful knowledge and skills!

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Transitioning into a contact center managerial role can be a significant challenge without the right tools and knowledge. COPC® High-Performance Management Techniques training equips new and existing managers with the operational management skills they need to excel. Through our curriculum, participants will learn best practices for measuring, monitoring, and enhancing performance across the board. 

Improve organizational performance and leadership effectiveness with expertise to boost efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and increase employee engagement. This course transforms managers into confident leaders, driving contact centers to achieve outstanding results. 

We understand the challenges associated with building, deploying, and maintaining a frontline manager training program. That’s why we offer a solution for organizations that eliminates the need for time-consuming and resource-intensive initiatives. Our on-demand training program provides convenient and unlimited access to comprehensive training anytime and anywhere. 

Comprehensive Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum with modules to ensure your frontline managers understand all critical aspects of managing high-performing teams:

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Licensing Options

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One and three year licensing agreements
Volume discounts to reduce per-person cost
Unlimited-learners licensing for large enterprises
Load onto your learning management system (LMS), or use COPC's!
24/7 access to proven best practices
Exam-based certification to verify knowledge​

Enterprise Benefits


Enhance agent and frontline manager retention through the guidance of skilled and knowledgeable managers leading your teams. 


Establish uniformity across teams to ensure a shared understanding of how to measure and manage operations. 


Build organizational depth by equipping managers with skills and knowledge they can implement immediately upon promotion. 


Empower your frontline managers with tools and methodologies to use data correctly to drive
desired results. 

Low Cost,
High Impact

Implement this course, created by industry experts, at a significantly lower cost than developing and maintaining your own program. 

No more

Eliminate the need to wait for a full class and save time by avoiding delays in training new frontline managers with unlimited, 24/7 access.

Course Learnings

Key metrics and operational best practices used in high-performance contact centers and CX operations  

High-performance benchmarks and organizational comparisons

Methods to transition from identifying problems to developing action plans that address performance issues with the highest potential ROI  

Cross-functional interdependencies and how each area can work better together to drive high performance 

Operational capabilities to achieve higher levels of client and end-user satisfaction while reducing costs 

Effective use of data to identify performance issues and measure the results of performance improvement initiatives 


COPC High-Performance Management Techniques on-demand training is continuously updated with the best practices and benchmarks that your frontline and support management need to know. With unlimited, around-the-clock access through annual licenses, you can be confident that your managers will stay ahead of the curve and give you a competitive advantage 

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