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A Software as a Service (SaaS) quality monitoring solution that aligns quality results with the customer experience. This solution delivers real-time actionable data to all levels of management, allowing you to immediately uncover root causes of issues impacting performance.
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Requirements Met

COPC Inc. has found RevealCX to be an effective Quality Management, Staff Monitoring, and Coaching tool. It supports compliance with the following best practices found in the COPC CX Standard, Release 6.2:

2.4.1.d – Measurement of Customer Critical Error Accuracy, Business Critical Error Accuracy, and Compliance Critical Error Accuracy for human assisted channels
2.4.1.e – Measurement of Defect Rate for digital assisted channels
2.4.2.a – Aggregation of monitoring results to identify frequent causes of error
2.4.2.b – Investigation of root causes behind frequent errors
2.4.3.b – Training and verification of minimum skills required by quality evaluators
2.4.3.c – Calibration of all quality evaluators using a quantitative approach that measures alignment at the attribute level in comparison to a reference or gauge
3.5.1.a – Recurrent monitoring of customer support specialist (CSS) performance for each transaction type handled
3.5.1.e – Setting of clear performance (e.g., pass/fail) thresholds for CSSs, based on the Customer, Business, and Compliance Critical Error Accuracy scores
3.5.2.a – Communication to a CSS of findings from all monitored transactions
3.5.2.b – Coaching of CSSs on at least a sample of the evaluations they passed