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COPC Inc. offers an extensive global training program based on the COPC CX Standard, creating a foundation for high-performance management and individual certification.

The COPC Curriculum

Our curriculum covers a range of topics including contact center and customer experience management best practices, data analytics and Lean Six Sigma. COPC Inc. training is available in 14+ countries and in many languages. Course facilitators have an average of 17 years of practical experience running customer experience and contact center operations.

COPC® Service Journey Thinking

COPC® Service Journey Thinking offers a holistic approach to visualizing, designing and measuring the customer journey. With service blueprinting and better data usage, organizations can create a more personalized, streamlined customer experience (CX). Reduce customer effort, improve satisfaction and enhance loyalty by analyzing the cumulative effects of all service channels rather than individual interactions.

Participants learn how to blueprint customer interactions to diagnose the root cause of customer frustrations and higher business costs. Attendees can immediately use these insights to simplify processes and develop better policies and procedures. This training provides the tools and know-how needed to generate substantial and lasting change quickly.

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COPC® Best Practices for Customer Experience Operations

COPC® Best Practices for Customer Experience (CX) Operations is a rigorous, in-depth training program with instruction on delivering world-class customer experience operations and benchmark practices that have helped companies globally for 25+ years. This class will enable you to manage and improve any customer experience (CX) program, increasing customer satisfaction and bottom-line growth by applying best practices and guidelines in the COPC CX Standard, a performance management system for customer experience operations. Our classes are rated 100% of participants' satisfaction, with 98% recommending them to others. Several global organizations actively seek these COPC credentials while looking for fresh talent from the market.

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