COPC Customer Experience Standard

Operational best practices for customer experience management.

The COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard

The COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard is the most well known and widely used performance management system to improve operations that support the customer experience. Any organization responsible for managing the customer experience can use the COPC CX Standard. Download the version you need.
COPC Best Practices For Customer Experience (CX) Operations

Latest Release: 7.0

Key features of the COPC CX Standard, Release 7.0

Improved Service Journey Management

Identifies and targets improvement for the critical service journeys that impact customer experience and business success.

Updated Digital Assisted Channel Management

Includes new roles, measurements and processes for improved management of digital service channels.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Focuses on critical drivers of employee engagement that reduce attrition and increase satisfaction.

New Metrics

Provides improved and streamlined metrics for CX operations.

The COPC CX Standard is available in Three Versions:

Release 7.0

Customer Service Providers.

Release 7.0

Outsource Service Providers

Release 7.0

Vendor Management Organizations.