Operational Best Practices for Customer Experience Management

The COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard is the most well known and widely used performance management system to improve operations that support the customer experience.  Any organization responsible for managing the customer experience can use the COPC CX Standard. Download the version you need.

The COPC CX Standard is available in three versions:

For internal
call centers and CX operations
COPC CX Standard for Customer Service Providers
For those who procure
or manage suppliers — new!
COPC CX Standard for Vendor Management Organizations
For third-party providers
of CX services
COPC CX Standard for Outsource Service Providers

Key Features of the COPC CX Standard, Release 6.0

  • Expands proven contact center guidelines to address all key customer touchpoints, including those delivered digitally
  • Provides measurements and processes for managing multichannel customer experience operations
  • Offers flexibility so the Standard can be tailored to any type of customer service environment from retail to web
  • Maintains focus on the four key areas of leadership and planning, processes, people, and performance to drive operational excellence
  • Introduces specific guidelines and measurements for both “assisted” (live agent) and “unassisted” (digital) channels

Training to the COPC CX Standard

Learn how to apply the COPC Standards to your organization to improve the customer experience, increase revenue and reduce costs.  We offer two classes focused on applying the principles found in the COPC CX Standard:

COPC® Best Practices for CX Operations

This class is an in-depth program about how to manage a world-class customer experience operation. This training is ideal for organizations servicing customers through a single channel such as a call center, or for those working across multiple channels, including web, social media or mobile. By applying the practices and guidelines in the COPC CX Standard for CSPs, you will learn how to manage and improve any customer experience operation, increasing both customer satisfaction and bottom line growth.

Public classes in various languages are held throughout the world. Private training is also available.

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COPC® Best Practices for Vendor Management Organizations

This class is an intensive training program providing VMO best practices specifically for those who select or manage third-party suppliers. Based on the COPC CX Standard for VMOs, this training gives you the tools to effectively source, measure and manage service providers, while increasing revenue and optimizing costs.

Public classes in various languages are held throughout the world. Private training is also available.

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