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COPC Inc. Announces Customer Service Journey Consulting Program

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Karen Colvin

May 7, 2019

Offering Helps Clients Address the Business Impact of Poor Customer Service

WINTER PARK, Fla.—(May 7, 2019)— COPC Inc., a global consulting firm that helps companies improve operations to transform the customer experience, announces the global availability of a consulting program to manage the customer service journey, providing a new way for any company to address performance issues with their customer care operations. COPC Inc. service journey consulting improves not just issue resolution but also overall business outcomes. This is accomplished by focusing on the customer’s experience as they navigate specific service journey scenarios.

According to CXMB Series research produced in partnership between COPC Inc. and Execs In The Know, 61% of consumers feel customer care departments are not meeting their customer service needs and expectations. COPC Inc. service journey consulting addresses this issue by targeting customer care interactions generated by a customer’s issue or request. This approach looks at the horizontal integration of support channels with special attention given to the transitions that occur between channels once a customer has actively engaged with a company. By creating smooth channel transitions across the service journey, COPC Inc. helps brands effectively reduce critical failures.

COPC Inc. service journey consulting helps companies understand all potential starting points for issue resolution, anticipate next steps, and minimize complexity. Additionally, this program shows companies how to diagnose and resolve adjacent issues, develop proactive resolutions, identify viable self-service options, and reduce unnecessary steps and hand-offs.

COPC Inc. service journey consulting includes:

  • Service Journey Blueprinting. Map out key service journey scenarios to understand how each touchpoint is supported internally, learn how backstage activities link to frontstage actions, and understand how all the touchpoints join together to form the service journey.
  • Frontstage Transformation. Assess critical customer-facing components including website, mobile applications, contact center, chatbot, webchat and in-person interactions.
  • Backstage Transformation. Assess supporting functions, technologies, processes and policies such as fulfilment, application processing, field service, authorizations, issue escalation, and third-party validations.
  • Service Journey Strategy Consulting. Develop operational improvements for customer care channels regarding organizational activities and functions such as routing strategies, staffing practices, content and data management, technologies, KPI design and collection, and measurement.

COPC Inc. customer service journey consulting is based on Service Journey Thinking℠, COPC Inc.’s exclusive approach to issue resolution. This model looks at the journey itself rather than focusing on the issue, a single channel, or even an individual customer. Using this approach, COPC Inc. helps clients shift their perspective to think of a service interaction as a continuous conversation – regardless of channel – rather than a series of individual engagements.

“Customer care operations have the most control, influence and ability to positively impact the overall customer experience. Our goal is to help companies successfully meet their customer in whatever channel they arrive and quickly and easily resolve their issue. If you can do that, you have not only increased customer satisfaction but have built brand loyalty that can turn into repeat business, positive word of mouth, and a reservoir of positive feelings that help insulate you from the next issue. Our consulting program moves issue resolution from being accidentally successful to creating purposeful service journeys that are well designed and effective,” said Cliff Moore, chairman, COPC Inc.

COPC Inc. service journey consulting is part of the company’s customer experience (CX) management program utilized by major brands in retail, hospitality, financial services and a host of other industries. The company advises clients worldwide to improve their CX operations by offering consulting, training and certification to the COPC Customer Experience Standard. COPC Inc. provides guidance in many areas including performance improvement, industry best practices and benchmarking. COPC Inc. offers an extensive call center management training catalog with public, private and online courses. Popular courses include COPC® Best Practices for Customer Experience Operations and COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers.

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About COPC Inc.

COPC Inc. provides consulting, training, certification and the RevealCX™ software solution for operations that support the customer experience. The company created the COPC Standards, a collection of performance management systems for call center operations, customer experience management, vendor management, and procurement. Founded in 1996, COPC Inc. began by helping call centers improve their performance. Today, the company is an innovative global leader that empowers organizations to optimize operations for the delivery of a superior service journey. COPC Inc. is headquartered in Winter Park, FL, U.S., with operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan.