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COPC Inc. Announces Release 6.0 of the CSP Standard Renames to COPC Customer Experience Standard

COPC Inc. Announces Release 6.0 of the CSP Standard Renames to COPC Customer Experience Standard thumbnail Image

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Karen Colvin

February 4, 2016

Winter Park, Fla. —(February 4, 2016)—COPC Inc., a global consulting firm that helps companies improve operations to transform the customer experience, announces the availability of Release 6.0 of the COPC Customer Service Provider (CSP) Standard, a performance management system to measure and improve operations that support the customer experience. COPC Inc. also announces that the COPC CSP Standard will be renamed the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. This specific version of the COPC CX Standard is for customer service providers (CSPs) and is available in English only. The Standard also will be published in Spanish, Portuguese and French later this year.

“The true differentiator for any company is how it manages the customer experience. Our clients are looking for a proven way to deliver an exceptional experience, creating loyal and satisfied customers,” said Kathleen Jezierski, president and chief operating officer, COPC Inc. “To address this need, the COPC® Standards Committee reviewed every aspect of the COPC CSP Standard and broadened these best practices to apply to the entire customer journey. Since this new release of the Standard is such a significant evolution, the Committee also decided the name should change as well,” said Jezierski.

Key features of the COPC CX Standard, Release 6.0:

  • Expands proven contact center guidelines to address all key customer touchpoints including those delivered digitally
  • Provides measurements and processes for managing multichannel customer experience operations
  • Offers flexibility so the Standard can be tailored to any type of customer service environment from retail to web
  • Maintains focus on the four key areas of leadership and planning, processes, people, and performance to drive operational excellence
  • Introduces specific guidelines and measurements for both “assisted” (live agent) and “unassisted” (digital) channels

The COPC CX Standard began 20 years ago, when call center industry leaders saw a need for structured processes and measurements that customer service providers could use to deliver consistently high performance in their contact centers. This group of leaders, now called the COPC Standards Committee, developed the first version of the COPC CX Standard.

The COPC Standards Committee meets twice a year to review the industry, the marketplace, and input from users of the Standard. They review and revise the COPC CX Standard, ensuring the guidelines continue to meet changing consumer behaviors and expectations. Over time, this Standard has expanded to include versions that address other audiences such as outsourced service providers (OSPs) and vendor management organizations (VMOs).

Following the publication of Release 6.0 of the COPC CX Standard for CSPs, these other COPC Standards also will be updated, renamed and made available later this year. They are:

  • COPC CX Standard 6.0, for OSPs (formerly the COPC OSP Standard)
  • COPC CX Standard 6.0, for VMOs (formerly the COPC VMO Standard)

“We have worked hard to make this new release of the COPC CX Standard something that every organization can use to improve any aspect of the experience delivered to their customers. Since every company is different in the number and types of touchpoints available to their customers, we have made the COPC CX Standard flexible enough to work in any environment. While many organizations will use this Standard to achieve certification, others will choose to implement portions of it to resolve specific issues within their customer experience operations,” said Richard North, CEO, EMEA, COPC Inc.

Since 1996 leading brands in more than 70 countries have worked with COPC Inc. to certify their call centers and other customer contact operations. Certification provides industry-recognized validation that an organization has consistently met high performance levels in managing customer satisfaction, revenue, service, quality, and costs. For more information about the COPC CX Standard or the certification process, contact the COPC Inc. sales team.


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COPC Inc. is an innovative global leader that empowers organizations to manage complex customer journeys. With a focus on driving improvement, the company provides consulting, training and certification for operations that support the customer experience. Founded in 1996, COPC Inc. began by developing the COPC CSP Standard and helping call centers increase their operational performance. Today the company works with hundreds of leading brands worldwide to optimize all key customer touchpoints and deliver a seamless experience across channels. COPC Inc. is privately held with headquarters in Winter Park, Florida, U.S., and with operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, India and Japan. To learn more about COPC Inc., visit


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