Ian Aitchison

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific Region

Ian Aitchison's Bio

Ian Aitchison is the CEO of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region of COPC Inc. and has great expertise in Asian and Australian customer contact operations, having worked extensively throughout the region. Since joining the customer contact industry more than 20 years ago, Ian’s career has been marked by the consistent delivery of quality, service and process improvement that is the hallmark of the COPC Standards. He has brought to COPC Inc. a level of experience that encompasses all aspects of customer experience operations. Having managed in-house and outsourced contact centers as well as document management and back-office processing centers, Ian fully understands the speed of change required when managing within this operational environment. His industry expertise includes technology, financial services, telecommunications, government, collections, credit card and insurance industries. In addition to leading the Asia Pacific region, Ian has provided training and consulting advice to more than 25% of the world’s top 50 brands. He is a senior auditor for the COPC CX Standard and is a qualified Six Sigma trainer. Prior to joining COPC Inc. in 2006, Ian served in a number of executive roles in the industry including National Contact Center manager for KAZ Business Services, Manager of Consulting Services for Datacom, and Business Improvement Manager with Connect Interactive. Ian holds a BA in Legal Studies from Napier University, Edinburgh Scotland and lives in Sydney, Australia, with his family.