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Call Center Consulting Services

COPC Inc. provides call center consulting to improve your operational performance and provide a superior customer experience. We are experts in creating and implementing straightforward and practical solutions to improve your operational performance.

Benefits of working with COPC Inc.

Our consulting clients are major brands in travel, financial services, telecom and technology. Our goal is to help your call center operation achieve sustained improvement in service and quality. By working with COPC Inc., you will achieve a significant return on investment.

Increase Sales By


Improve Customer Satisfaction By

10-15 Pts

Significantly Reduce Operational Costs By


Within One Year Achieve A Minimum ROI of


Call Center Consulting Services

Develop Strategy

Develop call center strategy, helping with organizational design and overall vision.

Conduct Benchmark

Conduct benchmark reviews to assess your operation or key processes compared to best practices.

Implement Improvement Projects

Implement focused improvement projects to drive results in a particular metric.

redesign Functional Processes

Redesign specific functional processes affecting call center operations.

recruiting hiring and training for employee retention

How We Work Together

If you know your call center’s operational challenges but don’t know how to fix them, we can help with call center consulting. We come to you confident about what works to quickly and effectively bring change. We roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to make transformational changes in your call center that will deliver the greatest return on investment.

If you know something is wrong but don’t know where to start, we can conduct a COPC® Benchmark Review, a quick but comprehensive assessment to uncover the root causes of your performance challenges. Specific to your needs, our review could cover your entire call center operation. Or it could focus on just operational processes such as quality, workforce management, recruiting/hiring/training or vendor management.

Either way, together we will develop and implement an improvement plan, train your staff, and validate your results.