Channel Strategy

Today, customers interact with organizations through various channels. Many companies have implemented new channels to keep up with what they believe is customer demand, but are now finding themselves wondering if they have the right strategy, and where they go from here.

How COPC Inc. Can Help Improve Your Channel Strategy

We will review your current channel strategy to determine which channels you currently offer to customers, channel performance, the customer journey across those channels, and which channels your customers prefer. We also will examine how well your channels are integrated to provide an omnichannel experience. Additionally, we will see how prepared your organization is to add new channels as needed.

We will provide you a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. This report will include a customer journey map of your current state, a summary of all data collected across channels, and a gap assessment of your current level of integration, and readiness for new channels. We then can support you to implement our findings.

At the end of this process, you will have a roadmap for your strategy and along with support you need to execute a plan of action. Our goal is to help you take the siloed pieces of your multichannel CX program and create a unified customer experience that drives brand loyalty and retention.


Channel Strategy

The experience with critical touch points can make or break your customer’s perception of your brand. With the evolution of social media, mobile apps, SMS and other alternative channels, it has become critical for organizations to have an intentional channel strategy. Coordination among these channels has to carefully orchestrated to ensure you are delivering an experience expected by your customers, at reasonable cost.
COPC Best Practices For Customer Experience (CX) Operations

Questions to ask about your organizations channel strategy

If you find yourself without answers to any of these questions, COPC Inc. can help. We show you how to deliver a customer experience that is seamless and productive by implementing a deliberate and carefully planned channel strategy.

Channel Preference

Do you know what channels your customers actually prefer?

Channel Integration

How well are channels integrated to provide an omnichannel experience?

Channel Role

What is the role of each channel on the overall customer experience? Which transactions are more appropriate for one channel versus another?

Channel Strategy Impact

Do you understand the impact your channel strategy has on operating costs and the customer experience?