COPC Inc. has recently virtualized many of our most popular offerings, including training, consulting, certification and vendor management organization (VMO) services. Many clients rely upon these services to optimize operations, instill best practices and meet performance goals. By going virtual, we hope to lend a whole new level of ease and flexibility to the delivery of our services.

Customer Experience Consulting Services

Our customer experience (CX) consulting services are designed around a simple set of goals — to help clients achieve a level of high-performance within their CX operations, while reducing cost and increasing revenue.

  • Service Journey Thinking and service journey workshops
  • Measuring and managing the customer experience
  • Customer experience surveys design and execution
  • Performance improvement strategy and implementation
Customer Experience Training

Our most popular CX training courses are now available virtually, reducing travel and lodging costs, yet maintaining the same level of high-quality content and instructor attention as our in-person classes.

  • COPC® Best Practices for Customer Experience Operations
  • COPC® Best Practices for Vendor Management Organizations
  • COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers
  • COPC® High Performance Management Techniques (HPMT)
  • COPC® Data Analysis for Contact Centers
Certification Services

Certification to the COPC Customer Experience Standard is one of the most prestigious recognitions in the industry. Virtualization allows companies to remain compliant to the COPC CX Standard with less reliance on site visits.

  • Baseline assessment (with some onsite support)
  • Structured support and training
  • Certification and recertification audits
Vendor Management Organization Services

COPC Inc.’s virtualized vendor management organization (VMO) services provide clients with greater agility in managing Outsourced Service Providers (OSPs), reducing lead time and delays on critical projects and implementations.

  • Contract Review
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Vendor Improvement
  • VMO Design
Work-At-Home Solutions

In addition to virtualization of services, COPC Inc. is placing greater emphasis on our expertise in helping brands rapidly design, deploy and manage Work-At-Home solutions. For more information about our Work-At-Home solution, click here.

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