Choosing the right training

Three CX Management Training Methods

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all in learning, which is why we offer three different CX management training methods to meet the unique needs of each learner. There are benefits to in-person, live virtual and online self-paced training. Choose the right path for your organization by carefully weighing your employees’ learning styles with company needs.

In-Person CX Management Training

Immersive Learning Experience
In-person training guarantees a distraction-free environment, allowing participants to dedicate their focus and attention on the material.  COPC trainees engage in theory and real-world casework followed by certification exams to demonstrate their mastery of cx management.

The Human Element
Face-to-face interaction offers more clarity for precise understanding than messaging or chatting, where the human element is often lost. The COPC classroom setting provides significant opportunities for meaningful one-on-one discussions with industry experts and peers. While virtual training methods are also interactive, there is no replacement for a handshake or an in-person conversation.

In a classroom setting, trainees and experts connect in real-time. These interactions often serve as a foundation for building long-term professional relationships. Additionally, if multiple employees are going through training together, they can get a head start on solving issues by discussing their learning in connection to specific aspects of their organization.

Image of a group of employees actively engaging in COPC In-Person Training

In-person training Courses

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Live-Virtual CX Management Training

Widest Variety
We offer a wide variety of live-virtual courses that may be an ideal selection for those unable to travel but want the in-person experience.  Attendees can connect and network with industry experts and peers in real-time to discuss challenges and solutions.

High Quality Learning, Virtually
Similar to in-person learning, live-virtual training encourages critical thinking and promotes collaborative learning through break-out sessions that feature real-world casework. COPC trainees demonstrate their knowledge of CX management through monitored online certification exams.

Most Availability
Depending on your region, certain in-person courses may not be an option. We offer virtual training programs globally year-round. That means employees dispersed among different regions can all receive the same training.

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Live-virtual Training Courses

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Online, Self-Paced Training

COPC Contact Center Management Training is our online course based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. This course is prerecorded and designed modularly to allow students the convenience of learning individually at their own pace.


The flexibility of online classes can make them a good choice for people who work remotely or have other obligations that make it difficult to attend structured certification exams to demonstrate their mastery of cx management.

People absorb knowledge in various ways, so it is essential to consider your employees’ learning preferences. Whether in-person or virtual, we encourage you to make the decision that most significantly impacts  employees’  ability to implement what they learn effectively.

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Online Training

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Upcoming Global Training Classes

COPC Inc. offers an extensive global training program based on the COPC CX Standard, creating a foundation for high-performance management and individual certification.

COPC Customer Service Provider (CSP) Training in best practices

Get Trained on CSP best Practices

Based on the principles of the COPC CX Standard, our leading training worldwide is COPC® Best Practices for CX Operations. This course is an in-depth program for improving operational performance. Training is beneficial for organizations servicing customers through a single channel such as those handled in a call center, or for those working across multiple channels. This training is offered publicly throughout the world or can be taught on-site at your facility.
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