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Tech Solutions for Customer Experience Management

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Written By:

Ian Aitchison

February 25, 2016

Customer experience is quickly becoming a competitive business differentiator. Getting the basics right the first time sets the tone for customer experience, ensuring that your organization consistently delivers predictable service outcomes. 

Customer experience is a journey comprised of touchpoints or steps that occur in-store, online, or when communicating with a contact center.  

Omnichannel communication helps deliver seamless customer service and improve customer experience. Managing end-to-end customer journeys involves technology solutions that focus on customer touchpoints.  

Most companies still provide cross-channel support, but the transition from online to in-store, or to the contact center is not always seamless. Typically, customers go through some repetition to get their inquiries resolved. 

How can technology help improve the customer experience? 

  • Link CRM systems to the IVR and the website. 
  • Give call center representatives access to information they need to solve customer problems (ideally through an intuitive knowledgebase that also links to the website). 
  • Deliver emails, webchats, and social media inquiries  to customer service staff in the same way as calls. 
  • Make your website easy for customers to navigate with as few clicks as possible.
  • Reduce layers of approvals to speed up the work in process by using algorithms instead of people, wherever possible. 
  • Minimize wait times in your contact center by having enough phone lines for high-volume periods. Many companies don’t realize that callers are being “blocked” during these busy times. 
  • Build your infrastructure to ensure the most uptime. Telephone and system downtimes are “customer experience killers.”   

We’ve found that 75 to 80 percent of all issues that drive customer dissatisfaction are from process or system errors, not individual staff members. 

Tech solutions enable companies to deliver predictable customer service outcomes consistently. Learn more about COPC Inc. Customer Experience Services here.