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Non-trends in Managing the Customer Experience

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Written By:

Scott Flewelling

January 28, 2016

As we begin a new year, there is no shortage of predictions of the trends that will affect the customer experience.  Many of these predictions focus on the technology that can be used to anticipate the customer’s behaviors and needs. Other hot topics are speech analytics, mobile applications, and how multichannel contact centers can ensure that the customer is directed to the best customer service professional to handle their query.

While all of this is exciting, I really like this article by Peter Leppik, president and CEO of Vocalabs, posted on  It talks about the “non-trends” for 2016–that is things that don’t change in providing a great customer experience. These are:

Non-trend 1: Engaged Leadership Is the Single Most Important Element
in CX

Non-trend 2: Great CX Is About Getting a Thousand Things Right

Non-trend 3: Customer Experience Professionals Often Have a Tough Job

Non-trend 4: Great CX Drives Customer and Employee Passion, Which Creates Better CX

No matter what technology is in place, we still need to practice the basic tenets of customer service, and ensure that our entire organization is focused on the customer.  Please have a read of this refreshing post.