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2016 CXMB Series, Consumer Edition

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Written By:

Lezli Harrell

August 18, 2016

Summary of Consumer Research Now Available

New Questions, New Trends in the Customer Experience

The Consumer Edition of the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series brings a host of new content in 2016. The full report, scheduled to be released in mid-September, includes many new questions, new sections and a number of emerging trends.

In addition to this new content, the report also revisits, clarifies and expands upon many topics from last year’s report, including the consumer’s preference for live interactions over automated ones, and the consumer’s perception of the multichannel journey.

What’s New In This Year’s Consumer Report

This year’s Consumer Edition report features two new sections: The Millennial Consumer and The Alternative Channel Customer Journey. The Millennial Consumer section compares and contrasts the preferences and expectations of Millennial consumers to those of their non-Millennial counterparts. The Alternative Channel Customer Journey section explores consumer experiences within Interactive, Social Media and Mobile Care channels — collectively known as “alternative channels.”

Read the Executive Summary to learn more about these highlights:

>>While much work remains to be done, there was a measurable improvement in the consumer’s overall impression of the customer care they received in 2016

>>While the preference for Traditional Care remains strong, there was a slight pullback in 2016

>>Consumer preference for human assistance over automated/self-help systems remains strong

The full survey will be published and presented at the Customer Response Summit in Austin on September 18-20, hosted by Execs In The Know. COPC Inc. is a sponsor of this exclusive event and we will be discussing the complete findings of this survey. The full Consumer Edition is included with attendance, and it will be available for online purchase after the event.

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