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COPC Inc. China User Group Annual Meeting

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Dorothy Cheng

December 9, 2019

On November 8, 2019, the COPC China User Group Meeting was successfully held in Shanghai. The meeting was hosted by Taiping Insurance as the rotating chairman. COPC China User Group representatives in attendance included Meituan Dianping, Guangdong Power Grid, Guangzhou Telecom, Welsend, Sunshine Insurance, Bank of Communications, Teleperformance and Zhong You Tian Cheng Technology. The mission of the meeting was to communicate to users in China the research and updates from the COPC Standards Committee on the industry and standards, as well as to collect feedback from them on behalf of the committee as a reference for future development of these standards.Site tour of Taiping Insurance customer service center

First, the participants enjoyed a site tour of Taiping Insurance customer service center under the guidance of Lin Weile (Victor), Vice Convenor of Taiping Financial Operating Services (the operations entity of Taiping Insurance). They acquired an understanding of its overall operation, and interacted with Taiping Xiaohui, the AI robot of Taiping Insurance.

Victor delivered a welcome speechFollowing the tour, Victor delivered a welcome speech. One of only four centrally managed insurance companies, Taiping Insurance, aspires to grow in the global market, which is why the initial decision was made to work with COPC Inc. on improving performance and customer experience by incorporating the COPC CX Standard. Certified in 2018, Taiping Insurance is the first Chinese company to achieve certification to the COPC CX Standard (Release 6.0). The certification scope covered 11 programs and over 30 lines. More than RMB 4 million (USD 567,600) annual cost savings has been achieved.

Ian Aitchison, CEO of COPC Inc. Asia Pacific, then shared what was discussed at the latest Ian Aitchison, CEO of COPC Inc. Asia PacificCOPC Standards Committee meeting.

COPC currently has more than 700 clients from various industries. Regardless of industry-related specifics, they appear to be faced with certain common issues. COPC Inc. organizes user group meetings in different regions of the world for the purpose of collecting feedback and input to help make the COPC Standards more friendly, as well as keep up to date as the industry develops. As the application of unassisted channels has increased, and with input from regional user groups, it has become an important part of the latest release of the COPC CX Standard.

Jason Li, consultant of COPC Inc. China OperationsSubsequently, the participants—led by Jason Li, consultant of COPC Inc. China Operations—conducted a lively discussion about service journeys and the related challenges in operations management. It concluded that since there are so many touchpoints from which a service journey can start, the communication of all information must be assured.  A number of questions arose: How could management shift its perspective from looking at individual touchpoints to the overall service journey? What changes will service journey thinking bring, and how are new KPIs introduced and define? How is the performance of each phase of a journey measured and managed? This feedback will be further conveyed to the COPC Standards Committee, and will be reflected in future updates of the COPC Standards.

At the end of the meeting, Taiping Insurance passed on the chairmanship to Meituan Dianping, who will host the China User Group Meeting next year.Taiping Insurance passed on the chairmanship to Meituan Dianping

This is the seventh COPC China User Group Meeting since its establishment, with many more new members joining. With the rapid development of the customer experience industry in China, we look forward to seeing more contributions from the China User Group in the further development of the COPC Standards.

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