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COPC Inc. Partners with Execs In The Know to Examine the Multichannel Customer Experience

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Written By:

Kyle Kennedy

January 3, 2016

COPC Inc. is partnering with Execs In The Know, a global network of customer management professionals, to conduct the fourth annual Customer Experience Benchmarking (CXMB) Series.  Working together, we are surveying consumers about their experiences and perceptions in a multichannel environment.  In addition, we are also surveying corporations about their customer experience management strategies and approaches to better serve their customers.

The series consists of a Consumer Report which was released in the fall, followed by a Corporate Report to be released in the spring next year. The 2015 Consumer Edition titled, “The Consumer’s Perspective—Exploring Multichannel Customer Care,” has just been published and is available for purchase here. The corporate version is currently in progress and will be published in early 2016.

“Execs In The Know is highly regarded within the customer management community, and we are pleased to be working with them to examine this changing world of customer care. What makes our joint survey program different from others is that it is two-dimensional. It is critical to understand the perspectives of both the customer’s needs and the company’s capabilities in providing an omnichannel experience. This allows organizations to more quickly adapt their operations to better meet customer expectations,” said Cliff Moore, co-founder and chairman, COPC Inc.

In addition to the survey program, COPC Inc. is also a sponsor of various workshops and events to be offered by Execs In The Know in 2016. In February, we will be a sponsor of their Customer Response Summit in Phoenix, where we will be presenting the findings of the Corporate Survey. Look for more information about that survey and event coming soon.

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