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COPC Inc.’s Global Benchmarking Series, 2022 

COPC Inc.’s Global Benchmarking Series, 2022  thumbnail Image

Written By:

Lezli Harrell

February 11, 2022

High quality information is one of the most important areas that contributes to an organization’s success. High quality information supports decision making and helps organizations to plan, to develop strategies and gives them an edge over their competition. This is one reason that COPC Inc. launched the Global Benchmarking Series in 2022. 

COPC Inc.’s Global Benchmarking Series delivers monthly reports about timely issues affecting contact centers and customer experience (CX) organizations, covering topics, such as, CX strategies, quality workforce management, channel management, people management and technology. There are also monthly webinars to discuss more topics in-depth.  

For more than 25 years, COPC Inc. has been providing global CX professionals with high quality research, data and information about best practices in CX operations. Executives and managers around the world depend on COPC Inc. for expert advice to help them make informed decisions about how and where to run their operations. Our research team and CX analysts are focused on bringing you the best information possible. The insights included in the Global Benchmarking Series, 2022, have been gathered through on-site operational assessments, interviews with executives working in contact centers and the CX operations industry, and also through surveys with consumers in the Asia Pacific region, North America and Europe.  

We hope you find these reports helpful in making informed decisions about running your operations.  

Access the 2022 GBS webinar recordings and read the reports here.  

Learn about our 2023 Global Benchmarking Series here.

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