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COPC Inc. Welcomes Clients to Beijing for China’s First Seminar in 2019 Series

COPC Inc. Welcomes Clients to Beijing for China’s First Seminar in 2019 Series thumbnail Image

Written By:

Dorothy Cheng

May 2, 2019

COPC Inc.’s first China client seminar of 2019 was held on April 12 in Beijing, attracting participants from various industries including financial services, technology, utilities, outsourcing and many others.

COPC Inc. Director of Chinese Operations, Rachel CuiCOPC Inc. Director of Chinese Operations, Rachel Cui, hosted the event and shared her experiences on how to conduct service management in a quantified and visualized way. During her speech, Rachel shared that one of the major issues in contact center management is the underutilization of data. Instead of basing decisions on what the data says, decisions are often made based on opinions. To solve that, correlations within the data need to be discovered and understood. Furthermore, Rachel suggested that data analyses should be used to verify the effectiveness of management hypotheses and to measure the ROI of each improvement action taken. This data should be evaluated in a quantified method and presented in a visualized way for the purpose of cross-department communication. The mapping of the customer journey should also be done from the customer’s perspective to identify the strengths and weaknesses in achieving an exceptional customer experience.

Xiao Zijing, who served foXiao Zijing, who served for a number of years in the customer service center of a well-known bank in Chinar a number of years in the customer service center of a well-known bank in China, was also invited to speak at the event. Having focused on informational construction, data pattern analyses and tool development, Xiao shared his rich experience in operations management, as well as his personal understanding regarding the comprehensive management of contact centers. The topic of his speech was “The Methodology of Frontline Staff, Operational Performance Analyses, and Data Visualization Tools.” To achieve efficient people management, both the right people and the right performance management mechanism are required, Xiao stated. Have the targets of the metrics been met? Is the staff constantly improving? Are the metrics correlated? Are the metrics driving high performance? Those are the key questions to be considered when it comes to performance management, which Xiao explained in detail with various examples.

Participants showed great interest in both speeches and had intense discussions on which metric is better for contact center management among customer satisfaction, net promotion score (NPS) and customer effort. There was also discussion on how to make sure the vendor is managing service in a quantified and visualized way for contact centers that are outsourced.

This Beijing seminar is the first in a series planned for China throughout 2019. We look forward to continued participation and excitement for future seminars, including those in May (Shanghai), June (Guangzhou) and October (Chengdu). To learn more about these events, please contact Dorothy Cheng.

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