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COPC Standards Committee Meeting: Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience

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Teal Benson

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April 28, 2023

COPC Inc. and the COPC Standards Committee, a group of global customer experience (CX) experts overseeing the evolution of the COPC CX Standard, meet twice a year to ensure the Standard continues to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry. 

COPC standards committee meeting spring 2023

On April 16th, Mastercard hosted the biannual meeting in Dublin, where discussions centered around the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on CX. Guest speakers from Mastercard, Nexcom A/S (Nexcom) and Quiq presented on the topic. 

During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to review the latest COPC CX Research and other publicly available sources on AI and customer service. The session covered recent advancements and what to expect in the near future, exploring various use cases that impact the CX landscape. 

These insights shed light on the potential for AI to revolutionize contact center management and the delivery of customer support. Areas of possible impact include front-end processes that directly affect customer interactions and back-end operations.  

The advanced use of AI will alter all areas of management, from recruiting and quality assurance to real-time administration and sophisticated transaction analysis, particularly in evaluating sentiment and other statistical methods for assessing transactions. 

Nexcom CEO, Rolf Adamson, explored the direction of AI and provided a framework for categorizing the types of AI and their applications in a broader context.  

“Presenting the future of AI in CX to the COPC Standards Committee was not only an opportunity to share, but it was also an opportunity to show just how beneficial working with COPC’s best practices is when implementing AI within CX. The combination of improving your service and vastly reducing cost through AI-driven automation will have a huge impact on the industry, making the CX industry a perfect match for AI technology,” said Adamson. 

To ensure the COPC CX Standard continues to reflect advancements in AI, the committee discussed the need to assemble subcommittees and subject matter experts (SMEs) to evaluate and update the COPC CX Standards carefully. The subcommittees’ focus will be on integrating AI into existing guidelines and best practices while identifying new measures to address the unique challenges and opportunities. 

CEO and Founder of Quiq, Mike Myer, provided a detailed overview of the capabilities of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) in the context of CX, showcasing real-world use cases. “I believe an AI-driven transformation of customer service is beginning. While the latest in AI will not completely replace human agents, it will resolve many issues directly and, for those issues requiring escalation, make human agents more efficient,” said Myer. 

In conclusion, the COPC Standards Committee meeting provided valuable insights into the impact of AI on CX and the potential changes it could bring to the future of customer support. The discussions and presentations from guest speakers shed light on AI’s current and future uses in the CX industry and sparked important conversations on updating the COPC CX Standards to keep pace with these advancements. 

“Adaptability is critical as we navigate the new age of customer experience. As always, our team of industry experts and leaders is responding to a changing environment, particularly about how to leverage technology advancements best to support customers. We look forward to ongoing discussions and updates to the COPC CX Standard, as it continues to be the gold star used by organizations to improve operations that support the customer experience.” said Kyle Kennedy, COPC President and CEO. 

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