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GUEST POST: Skyrocket the Customer Experience and Mitigate Financial Risk

GUEST POST: <strong>Skyrocket the Customer Experience and Mitigate Financial Risk</strong> thumbnail Image

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Teal Benson

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January 10, 2023

By Vicki Brackett – BPO Veteran, WFH pioneer and SVP of Partner Success, livepro
We all know employee perceptions of how they are treated directly influence their feelings about their employer. In my experience, this is the foundation of the employee experience and can be the catalyst that impacts employee work behavior and the level of customer service they offer customers. Further, how customers feel they are serviced greatly impacts how they perceive your brand. These chain reactions of feelings and behaviors impact your top-line revenue and bottom-line contribution. To design positive chain reactions, I have found it is important to understand the relationship between positive employee experience and job satisfaction and how it drives a positive customer experience and true success

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Employee Alignment with the Company’s Vision, Mission, and Values

While the company’s vision speaks to where the company is going, the mission articulates how the team is going to get there. Values speak to how people will behave and be treated while working. Today, employees fervently believe their own values must align with the company. Without that alignment, employees don’t feel connected to the company. When this happens, companies continue to see lower employee engagement, negatively impacting the employee experience, job satisfaction, and retention. Managers who act as ambassadors for the organization’s values will achieve greater employee engagement.

Employee Treatment by Their Direct Manager Impacts Their Attitudes and Behaviors

In my experience of over two decades of spending time with contact center employees, there is an overall feeling that without the desired caring by their direct manager, the company doesn’t care about them. This negatively impacts employee experience and job satisfaction. When this happens, companies see diminishing employee productivity, lower first-call resolution, decreased customer satisfaction, and higher employee attrition—all of which can negatively affect the company. Managers who truly care for their employees will achieve greater employee engagement.

Supported Employees Have the Tools to Do Their Jobs Effectively

Employees with streamlined processes and the right technology feel supported. Helping employees get to the answers a customer needs without having to memorize answers or do a lot of painful searching will help the employee feel supported. Having the right answer quickly drives lower AHT, better first-call resolution, higher customer service satisfaction, and brand loyalty. The right customer service knowledge management system will enhance both the employee and customer experiences and can slash training times and accelerate the speed to competency for new hires.

Successful Employees Create Successful Companies

When employees feel their values align with the company’s and are supported by the right technology and processes, they can make that magical customer experience materialize. With employee job satisfaction, companies see less absenteeism, higher productivity, and higher employee retention. This puts less stress on leadership, supporting teams, and recruiting and training budgets. The employee experience can trigger a positive chain reaction that increases productivity and retention and reduces costs while inspiring brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Vicki Brackett livepro
Vicki Brackett, SVP livepro
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