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Conversations with Clients: Joe Benevides, Plus Relocation

Conversations with Clients: Joe Benevides, Plus Relocation thumbnail Image

November 19, 2021

“They really dug in, understood the drivers of our business, understood how our processes work and applied their standards and concepts to our business in a very meaningful way.”  

     – Joe Benevides, Chief Operating Officer of Plus Relocation Services

For the past 25 years, COPC Inc. has been the industry leader in driving performance improvement in customer experience (CX) operations, vendor management organizations and contact centers worldwide. We have a proven approach to help organizations:  

  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Reduce operational expenses 
  • Generate revenue 
  • Enhance service and quality  

With the assistance of our experienced consultants, organizations successfully transform and grow their operations through COPC Inc.’s performance improvement training and deep-dive assessments. All of our work at COPC Inc. is based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard, which provides guidelines and best practices for managing and improving the performance of your customer experience operations.   

Our team spoke with COPC Inc. Client, Joe Benevides from Plus Relocation Services (Plus). Joe has been the Chief Operating Officer of Plus since August 2011. In this role, he strategically oversees the Global Client Services, Client Relations, Global Finance and Supplier Chain Management departments. He is also responsible for building solid partnerships internally and externally while driving the company’s strategic growth initiatives by delivering unique mobility and talent management solutions to Plus Relocation’s clients.  

View the interview conducted in spring 2021 by COPC Inc. here:


Q: Could you provide us with a brief introduction and overview of your role? 

My name’s Joe Benevides. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Plus Relocation Services based here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   

Q: What challenges did you hope COPC Inc. could help your organization overcome?  

We’ve always had great service results, and our client challenged us to get that to be even better and more consistent and really understand in more detail why we’re successful and what parts of our process could stand to be improved. So having identified that and having talked to COPC, we realized that the structure and the methodologies that they could bring to us would certainly help us accomplish that of taking a deeper dive into what makes us successful, what areas we can improve on as far as efficiencies, process enhancements, and how we can better manage the component parts of our process, not just the overall process.   

Q: What was one of the most impactful results from your experience with COPC Inc.?  

Their number one recommendation, or finding, in the review was that there were many efficiencies to be had in the process. And so, we’ve established a business process improvement initiative inside the organization. As a result, just through the first half of this year, we have already realized, well upon an annualized basis, well over $300,000 worth of savings in time and material through our processes.

About Plus Relocation 

Since 1968, Plus has been making moving easier for corporations and their relocating families. Their game-changing, innovative approach has propelled them from a boutique firm to a full-service, global mobility powerhouse with offices located around the world. The organization’s tri-regional model allows them to deliver seamless mobility services in more than 176 countries. Learn more about Plus here. 


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