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GUEST POST: Keeping Employees Engaged and Empowered

GUEST POST: Keeping Employees Engaged and Empowered thumbnail Image

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Teal Benson

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October 25, 2022

Many businesses in today’s climate find it tough to retain top talent. We think employee engagement and empowerment go a long way in making that happen. The feedback from contact center staff in the COPC US Employee Engagement Research Report supports that notion.   

As a global business whose core focus is helping our clients foster strong customer relationships, low turnover and consistent performance are critical. From recruitment to retirement, we do everything we can to keep our employees engaged and empowered at Harte Hanks. 

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Employee Engagement Strategies that Work for Us

It starts at the beginning. Each of our recruiters has frontline experience as a contact center agent, so they know what to look for in an ideal candidate. They can accurately describe the job they seek to fill and identify traits needed for an agent to be successful. This solid start goes a long way for our clients.  

Survey findings indicate staff satisfaction improves when organizations provide an accurate job description upfront, which was not the case for 33% of respondents*. Our 30-minute online assessment allows applicants to test their core skills during their job interview. The benefits go both ways. Applicants decide if they’ll like the work, and we determine if they have the skills to be successful. It eliminates confusion about what the job entails, ensures we’re hiring suitable candidates and improves job satisfaction.   

Get Employee Engagement Research Insights

COPC Employee Engagement Research Series

Our research aims to provide CX leaders with the most comprehensive and in-depth insights for organizations to incorporate into broader strategies. You’ll learn how satisfied contact center staff are with their jobs, understand what drives employee satisfaction and distinguish the differences between countries.

Only 15% of respondents have weekly one-on-one meetings with their supervisor, yet these meetings increase satisfaction and the likelihood of staying*. We’ve found investing in lower manager-to-staff ratios, and mandatory weekly one-on-ones is invaluable to increasing retention and productivity. Each weekly meeting between the contact center agent and supervisor is an opportunity to deepen relationships, troubleshoot problems and provide recognition— which survey respondents indicate as essential to long-term satisfaction. Meetings help agents realize they are heard and supported and are a massive differentiator in job fulfillment for 84% of respondents.   

We strongly feel that if you know the ruler which measures your performance, you’re more likely to measure up. Clear expectations unmistakably define what success means. Such transparency eliminates perceptions of unfair standards and boosts satisfaction.  

Survey results clearly indicate the crucial role of team leaders. They must excel at listening, building relationships, providing feedback and supporting team members. Not everyone is fit for this critical role, which is why we provide specific management training before a candidate assumes the position. Our training team ensures ongoing coaching, not just for managers but for frontline staff too.       

This comprehensive survey indicates that employee satisfaction and retention don’t happen by chance. They involve strategies that are easily within reach of the employer.  

*US Report, Employee Engagement Research Series, COPC Inc. (2022).

Katy Crighton 
Senior Director, HR 
Harte Hanks  

Employee Engagement and Retention: Consider This

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