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GUEST POST: Recruitment and Staff Strategy as an Employment Engagement Initiative  

GUEST POST: Recruitment and Staff Strategy as an Employment Engagement Initiative   thumbnail Image

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Teal Benson

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October 24, 2022

For Capability BPO, employee engagement starts from the moment we recruit new employees. COPC’s performance improvement framework, which utilizes all performance data points of the recruitment lifecycle, underpins Capability BPO’s recruitment process. Including consistently optimizing the recruitment profile (KCR Jobs) to reduce the time to competency, increasing the time to hire and ensuring recruitment quality.   

Employee Engagement Research Series 2022

Employee Engagement Research Series

Our research aims to provide CX leaders with the most comprehensive and in-depth insights for organizations to incorporate into broader strategies. You’ll learn how satisfied contact center staff are with their jobs, understand what drives employee satisfaction and distinguish the differences between countries.

As a result, we manage the expectations for our future employees from inception. We drive the highest possible experience outcome from pre-operations to operations at each touchpoint. We firmly believe that making the best match between the job profile and the specific recruited employee is the only way to achieve optimal experiences. COPC’s performance improvement framework ensures the right skills fit with the role and company culture.  

With this consistent approach of an employee match, we have achieved a 28% decrease in our attrition rate and a 4% improvement in customer satisfaction (CSAT). Other key performance indicators (KPIs) are also on target consistently within six weeks after the training and development phase.   

Our structured, one-way of working supports continued employee engagement. By adopting and driving COPC’s performance improvement framework, a higher commitment from employees has become a fact.   

Employee Engagement and Retention: Consider This

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