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Do you understand the value of resolving a call?

Do you understand the value of resolving a call? thumbnail Image

Written By:

Ian Aitchison

August 31, 2020

Quantifying call resolutions is a huge advantage for Contact Centers. Our Asia Pacific CEO, Ian Aitchison, recently had an article published in Customer Think discussing this topic and how call resolution relates to the Service Journey. See the article excerpt below.

Most contact centers are able to quantify the cost of an inbound call, but how many of them (beyond those centers which are involved in sales or collections) are actually able to quantify the value of resolving an inbound call in terms of customer loyalty or promotion?

This question was recently posed to us by a client, so we used the COPC Inc. CX Research team to help us conduct some research on the value of resolving a call and to help us understand how each customer contact fits in to an overall “Service Journey“.

Read the full article HERE.

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