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Announcing the Executive Summary for the 2017 CXMB Series Consumer Edition Report

Announcing the Executive Summary for the 2017 CXMB Series Consumer Edition Report thumbnail Image

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Lezli Harrell

July 21, 2017

The 2017 Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series Consumer Edition report is in development and will be ready for publication on September 19, 2017. In anticipation of publication of the full report, we invite you to check out the newly released executive summary, which provides an overview of the coming report as well as select findings.

COPC Inc. will present the findings of the full CXMB report during the Customer Response Summit (CRS) in Chicago, September 19-21, hosted by Execs In The Know.

This year’s report, which is the tenth in the series, features two new sections: The Purchase Experience and Customer Effort. The Purchase Experience section proves especially insightful as it compares the experiences, preferences, and expectations of consumers who primarily shop in-store with those of consumers who primarily shop online.

Results capture the differences and similarities between these two customer groups. Results reveal where brands should focus their efforts to most improve the customer experience of their target audience.

Select findings from the new Purchase Experience section:

27% of in-person shoppers purchase in-store for convenience, while 50% of online shoppers purchase online for convenience

52% of in-person shoppers point to good customer service as the most important ingredient in having a positive shopping experience, while only 6% of online shoppers indicate the same

Online shoppers are nearly 25% more likely than in-person shoppers to recommend purchases to friends and family based on their shopping experience

Please take a moment to check out the 2017 CXMB Series Consumer Edition Executive Summary. You can also learn more about CRS Chicago by visiting the Execs In The Know website.

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