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The Latest In CX-Related Consumer Research, Available Now!

The Latest In CX-Related Consumer Research, Available Now! thumbnail Image

Written By:

Lezli Harrell

October 10, 2017

Hot off the presses, the 2017 Consumer Edition of the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series, titled The Consumer’s Voice: Opinions, Perceptions and Expectations, was recently released during the Execs In The Know Customer Response Summit, Chicago, on September 19-21.

This series is developed in partnership between COPC Inc. and Execs In The Know. The report carries forward numerous data points, with many reaching back to 2014, as well as two entirely new sections of research: the Purchase Experience and Customer Effort. The report also features a must-read special commentary by Liliana Petrova, director of customer experience at JetBlue Airways.

While this year’s survey provided more than a few surprises, there were none more pressing than the four-year overview of how consumers see the customer care department.

After two consecutive years of strong improvement, 2017 saw a flattening of consumer opinion in regards to how well customer care departments are able to meet needs and expectations.

This should give brands pause and lead them to investigate if this departure is also true of their own customers. And if so, why? Have organizational priorities shifted away from the customer? Or have consumer expectations shifted as a result of having top-notch customer experiences with brands that are on the cutting edge of CX innovation?


Other highlights from this year’s findings include:

  • With results going back to 2014, 2017 saw the lowest percentage of consumers avoiding interacting with customer care
  • Whether or not consumers self-select the multi-channel approach (as opposed to being forced into it) continues to have a profound impact on resolution and satisfaction rates for multichannel engagements
  • In-Person Shoppers place far more value on good customer service than Online Shoppers
  • More survey respondents feel brands should focus their improvement efforts on the customer care experience than on any other area, including shopping, purchase and ownership experiences

For more findings from this year’s CXMB Series Consumer Edition, we invite you to download the report’s Executive Summary which you can find in our research section. Get the 2017 CXMB Series Consumer Edition Executive Summary here.

If you would like to purchase the complete 2017 CXMB Series Consumer Edition report (priced at $249), go to the Resources section of the Execs In The Know website, located here.

Would you like to help shape the next installment of CXMB Series research?

From now until November 17, 2017, COPC Inc. and Execs In The Know will be gathering corporate survey responses as a part of our 2017 CXMB Series Corporate Edition research. To participate, go here to visit the survey.

The survey should take no more than 25 minutes to complete, and your individual responses will never be made public. To show our appreciation for your participation, you’ll receive a $300 discount code to attend the Customer Response Summit Charleston, March 12–14, 2018, as well as a complimentary copy of the complete 2017 CXMB Series Corporate Edition report.

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