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Rachel Cui

April 20, 2020

In late March 2020, Shandong Sunshine Financial Service Information Technology Co., Ltd. launched its bid to become the first business process outsourcer (BPO) enterprise in China to be certified to the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard Release 6.1, setting its sights on certification for three sites: Chengdu, Weihai, and Weifang. What has made Sunshine Financial Service’s pursuit unique is that many of the key components of the certification process have been conducted virtually, capitalizing on COPC Inc.’s recent move to virtualize a wide range of services including consulting, training and COPC certification.

Certification to the COPC CX Standard, which is an independent and objective assessment of a company’s operations, is the industry’s gold standard. In order to achieve certification, an organization must make a commitment to a consistent process employing industry best practices, while also sustaining improvement in the areas of leadership, people, processes and performance.

Sunshine Financial Service is no stranger to the COPC Certification process. Over the past ten years, the organization’s service team has earned COPC Certification on four separate occasions, while also passing multiple internal audits — all based on the COPC Standards. As a diversified BPO, Sunshine Financial Service touches many different industries including finance, telecommunications and IT, among others. To ensure a good reputation across industries, Sunshine Financial Service has relied upon the COPC Standard as a common communication platform, lending a common language to various parts of the company including marketing, sales and customer management. The result has been a reduction of operating costs, an improved service experience and increased loyalty among both clients and client customers.

Sunshine Financial Service’s recent path toward COPC Certification began with a Baseline Assessment (BLA) of its operations. This step, which was mostly conducted via live video conferencing, included a process audit, as well as interviews with more than 20 key personnel including team leaders and senior managers. There were even virtual observations of frontline agents. Sunshine Financial Service is the very first COPC Inc. client to begin the COPC Certification process in a virtual environment. intro session of BLA conducted via teleconference in March 2020Given the company’s past successes and commitment to excellence, they are a perfect match for this new, innovative approach.

“So far we have been delighted by the virtualization of the COPC Certification process,” said Li Yanxia, General Manager of Sunshine Financial Service. “The recent health crisis has added many obstacles to important initiatives. But in this case, the team at COPC Inc. has shown us a clear path to success.”

Following the BLA, COPC Inc. consultants delivered a virtual readout of their findings. In addition to identifying points of opportunity, the COPC Inc. team delivered a comprehensive list of recommendations. Top among them are:

  • Recalibrate CSAT target to 93.9% based on an existing DSAT target of 5%, given the strong correlation between CSAT and DSAT
  • Establish structured analysis and improvement processes based on customer feedback
  • Measure CSAT and DSAT at the program level
  • Use DSAT insights to identify key drivers, track results and create action plans
  • Calibrate QAs using a quantified approach

Only a few weeks into the process and the Sunshine Financial Service team is already transforming BLA insights into actions and positive outcomes, putting the organization on the right track toward COPC Certification. To compliment these efforts, COPC Inc. consultants are providing ongoing structured support. Like the BLA, this support is also being provided virtually, though the plan also includes onsite training for key management and leadership positions. Given the current trajectory, Sunshine Financial Service expects to receive its latest batch of COPC site certification in early April 2021.

About Sunshine
Shandong Sunshine Financial Service Information Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Sunshine Insurance Group Customer Service Center, Beijing Sunshine Golden Point Consulting Service Co., Ltd.) is one of the member companies of Sunshine Insurance Group and operates in Beijing and Weihai double headquarters. With years of professional customer service experience and technical advantages of the Sunshine Insurance Group, the Sunshine Financial Services Company quickly entered the fields of BPO services, software product development, big data application and R & D, and enterprise SMS service outsourcing (SMS) to promote offshore business and the rapid growth of shore business.

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